Syncopated Logic: Life in the Twenties


Hankry Grunt & wife

Hello, and welcome back to Wander in a Box. Today I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Hankry Grunt and his wife Hankrietta, stuck in the Twenties yet living in the Twenties nonetheless. Mr. Grunt’s behavior may offend, but have patience and grace, as he is no more or less flawed than any of us. I just like to make him particularly peculiar. And the connection to literature? It’s coming. And warning: slight grossness.

Pen and ink black and white text hand-drawn in 1920's styles that reads: Syncopated Logic Life in the Twenties with Hankry Grunt and wife.
Welcome Announcement to Syncopated Logic: Life in the Twenties with Hankry Grunt and wife.
Pen and ink black and white drawing of a man sitting in an easy chair and watching TV. The woman on TV shows off a display of finger foods. The man, named Hankry, thinks, "Mm, hungry."
Hankry relaxes with a cooking and entertainment show on TV.
Pen and ink black and white drawing of three of the same face: the man Hankry looking at his fingers, then eating his fingers, then with a terrified expression, exclaims that he forgot the ketchup.
Rarely able to control his passions, Hankry hastily snacks.
Pen and ink black and white drawing of the man in front of an open refrigerator, a bottle of ketchup spinning in the air as he exclaims, "Aghh! Can't open! Slippery! All thumbs!" His wife tells him to get out of the kitchen and go to the store.
But no snack tastes right without ketchup.
Pen and ink black and white drawing of the man walking by the vegetable display at the grocery store. He looks at piles of tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and mangos. He reads the word 'mangos' and thinks, "Wherever he pleases." Then he wonders why there's popcorn around his head. (The thought clouds.) A creature made of a head of lettuce with an ear of corn for ears, potato spud eyes, and tomato feet follows the man.
So, off to the store, as the wife instructed. A lonely orphaned lettuce head latches onto Hankry.
Pen and ink black and white drawing of the wife Hankrietta pointing to the lettuce head, sitting in a high chair. Hankry the man carries in two bags of groceries.
No surprise is a good surprise in Hankrietta’s eyes.
Text of the conversation between Hank and Hankrietta:
"Hankry! We don't have a child!"
"It followed me from the store."
"And where did high chair come from?"
"I don't know."
"Well, bring it back!"
"I don't know where it came from!"
"Then break legs in half and make low chair!"
Every couple argues.
Text that reads:
"Hank, we should name it."
"Why? If we don't have children, then that's not our child and we don't have to name it."
"Fine, but how do we refer to thing that is not our child if it does not have name?"
And argues ’til they have ague. I guess.
Pen and ink drawing says, "a week later..."  The lettuce head sits rotting and dripping in the high chair.
Lettuce needs to be stored in the refrigerator, not in a high chair.

Aw, those crazy kids! Next installment for November 20th: The Grunts’ Thanksgiving guest Renfield gets a very special Thanksgiving dinner!

Published by Morra Rose

I love the links between life and literature, and couldn't get by day-to-day without a little humor. Here's my place to share thoughts and discoveries in bite-sized pieces, illustrated by my sister Morra Morron. Enjoy!

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