Turkey Reprieve

Life in the Twenties with Hankry Grunt and wife

Last blog we met Hankry Grunt and his wife, Hankrietta. This time around, they’re gearing up for Thanksgiving with special guest Renfield, Dracula’s doting, ill-fated servant. With October and Halloween past, you’d think I’d quit it with the Dracula stuff, but it spilled over…

Pen and ink drawing of a bowl of water thrown out the kitchen window, followed by a rotten head of lettuce in a small high chair. The husband declares that the wife should not throw out the baby with the dishwater.
Hankrietta has had it with the rotting, stinking lettuce-head baby that followed Hankry home last week. She tosses it out the kitchen window after the dishwater.
Pen and ink drawing of wife complaining that the baby, a rotting head of lettuce, stank. At the door we hear ding dong. The wife tells the husband to answer the door. It is their dinner guest, Renfield.
Hankrietta clarifies to Hankry that the baby stank. Now, go answer the door! Their Thanksgiving guest, Renfield, has arrived.
Pen and ink drawing of Renfield, close-up, with a frog-like face and waving hallo.
Renfield waves hallo! Such a cute little face.
Pen and ink drawing of the husband opening the door, welcoming Renfield. The husband says that he thought Count Dracula broke Renfield's neck. Renfield replies that was just a story.
Hankry answers the door and invites Renfield to see something in the backyard.
Pen and ink drawing of the husband showing Renfield the mushed up lettuce baby in the backyard below the kitchen window. Renfield remarks on all the flies, while the wife tells Renfield not to eat because she has a surprise for him.
Hankry still bemoans the tossed baby, but Renfield takes a keener interest in the flies.
Pen and ink drawing of a huge fly on a platter, like a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey's Reprieve
A huge, delicious roast fly awaits Renfield and the Grunts for Thanksgiving. After all, turkeys deserve a break once in a while.

Thank you, thank you for joining us for another post from Wander in a Box. Join us next time for Horror and the Holidays: A Brief Visitation of Literature and the Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Morra Rose

I love the links between life and literature, and couldn't get by day-to-day without a little humor. Here's my place to share thoughts and discoveries in bite-sized pieces, illustrated by my sister Morra Morron. Enjoy!

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