Welcome the New Year 2023: LOL Challenge-Land O Lakes Gets a New Face

New Year 2023, a fresh start for everyone, and why not butter, too?

Photo of Mia from 2020 box of Land O Lakes butter.
One of the last sightings of Mia

Mia, the young lady who graced the Land O Lakes butter box since 1928, including her redesign in 1954 by Red Lake Ojibwe Nation native Patrick DesJarlait, was retired in 2020. I won’t say much more on that yet. So, now we have:

Photo of Land O Lakes butter box from 2022.

Nature hates a vacuum (so does a housewife), and the current box is bare and boring. Why let a lovely landscape go to waste? So, in the spirit of the new year and fresh beginnings, my creative sister Morra Morron and I came up with a few ideas…

Rendition of Land O Lakes butter box with George Orwell's 1984 Big Brother face.'Big Brother Butter Best Before 1984' written below.
Big Brother gets in on the butter action..

Literature’s contribution to Land O Lakes, and a fitting one with George Orwell’s kindly character who’s going to take care of you.

Rendition of Land O Lakes butter box with green alien face. 'I want to Believe It's Butter' written below.
Alien sway over the beautiful, boring Land O Lakes logo and landscape. You just missed the water scouts.

In the spirit of inclusivity, we must not leave out aliens.

Rendition of Land O Lakes butter box with the Loch Ness monster and  "Bread Spread" written below.
Contender for Land O Lakes redesign featuring Nessie, representing for cryptids.

How can you have a lake scene and not include Nessie?

Rendition of Land O Lakes butter box with fire colors. Says Land O Burning Lakes on the cover.
Ugly redesign of Land O Lakes box depicting hellfire and smoke. Well, what do you expect from ‘Devil’s Dairy’?

One really ugly piece of artwork, and finally:

Rendition of Land O Lakes butter box with some changes like 'Bland O Lakes'
And of course, the political version of Land O Lakes new cover…

Well, I’ll miss you, Mia. I guess it’s more important to get rid of things rather than use them as teaching points.

Who’s next? Count Chocula? I don’t know, but maybe I’ll start reading Fahrenheit 451. (How did I make a leap from butter to dystopian literature?) Weird.

Anyway, cheers, ’til next time, keep laughing, keep reading!

Published by Morra Rose

I love the links between life and literature, and couldn't get by day-to-day without a little humor. Here's my place to share thoughts and discoveries in bite-sized pieces, illustrated by my sister Morra Morron. Enjoy!

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