Philly Ephemera:Treasures Revealed in Vintage Books

Collection of Philadelphia ephemera such as book marks and train tickets.
Philly ephemera found in vintage books, except for a NYC Coliseum Books bookmark.

I fell in love with vintage books a few years ago. I cannot rightly say why, but then, is love ever explained by reason? They can be had on the cheap and the forgotten bookmarks within reveal bits of the past. Sometimes it feels sacrilegious removing the bookmarks, as if the reader will return to finish the book. In that case, I could only offer apologies and hope my appreciation of these items deflect any hardcore haunting. Most ephemera I find is from the Philly area, with exceptions.

Butch by Albert Staehle on a 1955 pocket calendar.
1955 Business Card featuring ‘Butch’, created by Albert Staehle.
1955 pocket calendar B.C. Rhoads Jr. Insurance Philadelphia.
Insurance company pocket calendar from 1955.

Butch, the black and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel was created by Alfred Staehle, who also created Elsie the Cow, Smoky the Bear, and others. Mint condition pocket calendar from 1955.

1959 Market-Bridge Street train or bus ticket, Philadelphia.
Vintage Leary's Book Store bookmark, Philadelphia.

Two other cool bookmarks; a 1959 Market-Frankford train or bus ticket, and a bookmark from Leary’s Book Store.

Vintage Christmas tag.
Charming gift tag found in vintage The Red Napoleon. Circa 1950’s?

Last but not least, and not the end of my old-book ephemera, a charming little gift tag I almost didn’t notice in a book called The Red Napoleon, 1929, by Floyd Gibbons. I haven’t read it, but found it in a box of old books left roadside before a rainstorm. Good grief!

Life is but a series of fleeting moments…enjoy it! ‘Til next, keep reading and loving the little things in life!

Published by Morra Rose

I love the links between life and literature, and couldn't get by day-to-day without a little humor. Here's my place to share thoughts and discoveries in bite-sized pieces, illustrated by my sister Morra Morron. Enjoy!

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