Picture Frames and Ephemera: A Valentine from Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt

1926 Manz-Chicago color print of blooming garden with wedding couple under a blooming trellis.
Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt tie the knot under the blooming trellis.

Raking Goodwill for books and other stuff I don’t need, I harvested a vintage frame for another painting, and in that frame, this lovely floral print, ©1926 Manz-Chicago in the lower left. The color print company Manz Corporation opened in 1866, originally as J. Manz Engraving Company. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia.) Another beautiful bit of vintage ephemera, although not so small as that found here: https://wanderinabox.com/2023/02/02/philly-ephemeratreasures-revealed-in-vintage-books/

Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt in their wedding day picture beneath a blooming trellis.
Close-up of Hankry and Hankrietta on their wedding day.

The delicate trellis and lush blossoms provided the perfect place for Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt to tie the knot. Hankrietta wore a wedding dress inspired by 1920’s design, shorter in front, longer in the back. We originally met Hankry and Hankrietta here: https://wanderinabox.com/2022/11/10/syncopated-logic-life-in-the-twenties/

Illustration of man and wife in shabby chic white picture frame.
“…for the accents of those we love soften the hardest tidings.” The Wife, Washington Irving.

The blushing couple posed in a not-so-vintage frame for display in their home. Fun with romance and stuff. Hey, gotta keep it light, sometimes.

For a Valentine-worthy read, check out The Wife by Washington Irving, found in The Sketch Book (which includes Rip van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow);

I have often noticed the mute rapture with which he would gaze upon her in company, of which her sprightly powers made her the delight; and how, in the midst of applause, her eye would still turn to him, as if there alone she sought favor and acceptance.”

Geez, imagine someone writing like that on your Valentine card? The Wife– a short and sweet, kindly spoken and beautifully written short story about the strength and devotion of a good wife.

‘Til next, keep reading, connecting, and having fun with the little stuff in life!

Published by Morra Rose

I love the links between life and literature, and couldn't get by day-to-day without a little humor. Here's my place to share thoughts and discoveries in bite-sized pieces, illustrated by my sister Morra Morron. Enjoy!

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