Smollett Family Reunion

Marching on…let’s brighten the dreary month of March celebrating Tobias Smollett’s birthday with a Smollett Family Reunion. Born around 16 March 1721, Smollett wrote picaresque (not picturesque) novels like The Adventures of Roderick Random and other writings, and translated Don Quixote. He wrote and wrote until he left us in 1771. Funny how much someContinue reading “Smollett Family Reunion”

Women in White: A Quick View from Literature and Life

When I think of women in white, coming from a Western culture, I think of brides. However, women in white in literature and culture are not just brides. Specifically, this blog visits Wilkie Collins’ 1860 The Woman in White; Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula; the Lady in White from Isles of Shoals lore;Continue reading “Women in White: A Quick View from Literature and Life”

Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl

You gotta figure for as long as Dracula has been around, he must have met his match once in a while. Fearless priest with a stake and a cross? Angry villagers armed with pitchforks? Wily, wizened doctor with every known antidote to Dracula? Perhaps, but sometimes a smaller, unexpected challenger shows up… My creative sisterContinue reading “Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl”