Attack of the 42 Year-Old Man

Recently I blogged about 37-year old women, and within one week, just happened to watch three movies, each featuring a 42-year old man going through his midlife crisis; Movies, not literature, I know, but a story is a story, right? Plus, a movie starts with a screenplay or sometimes a book anyway, so…literature! (But ifContinue reading “Attack of the 42 Year-Old Man”

Reviews and Rants: Attack of the 37 Year-Old Woman

Title inspired by the 1958 movie Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. Blog inspired by Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs. Ah, the spinsterly age of thirty-seven! That’s how poor Nora, the self-deprecating protagonist of Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs sees it, acting like her life is over because she’s thirty-seven, single, no kids, and nothingContinue reading “Reviews and Rants: Attack of the 37 Year-Old Woman”