Para-Holidays: Valentine Cards from Backhanded Greetings

When You Don’t Care to Send the Very Best. Or, What I really meant to say was… Hey, I know Valentine’s Day should be sweet-n-romantic, but how ’bout a little honesty, too? Just in time for the Holiday of Love (oh, please), creative sister muse Morra Morron created some lovely Valentine’s for Backhanded Greetings. Enjoy!Continue reading “Para-Holidays: Valentine Cards from Backhanded Greetings”

Tidbit II: Silly Book Covers

Digging through Goodwill Superstore bins, I came across three books with winning covers. For anyone honing their marketing skills in the self-publishing world, these examples offer rich insight and exciting possibilities: Mother’s in the Kitchen. Of course Mother’s in the kitchen. Where the f*ck else would she be except the laundry room? Maybe that’s whereContinue reading “Tidbit II: Silly Book Covers”

New Year New Creatures: A Nod to Anthropomorphism

*Warning: Potty Humor! Oh no! * Anthropomorphism appears throughout literature even more than good writing, before the well-known Aesop’s Fables to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, from Anubis to the Easter bunny, like one of my favorites, The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes. Anthropomorphism, giving non-human creatures and entities human characteristics, creates endless possibilitiesContinue reading “New Year New Creatures: A Nod to Anthropomorphism”

Corsets: A Step Back in Time with Hankrietta Grunt

Cruising through Fashions of a Decade: The 1920’s, I crossed this reproduction of an advertisement for corsets. Now, in small part, corsets have made a comeback… Hankrietta thought them becoming, so tried one herself… …and came up with a mix of 1920’s and 2020’s fashion… …however, in the end, decided to doff the corset andContinue reading “Corsets: A Step Back in Time with Hankrietta Grunt”

Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl

You gotta figure for as long as Dracula has been around, he must have met his match once in a while. Fearless priest with a stake and a cross? Angry villagers armed with pitchforks? Wily, wizened doctor with every known antidote to Dracula? Perhaps, but sometimes a smaller, unexpected challenger shows up… My creative sisterContinue reading “Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl”