Trees Please 1: Ode to Elms

What hath the elm tree to do with literature? The American elm was mostly destroyed by Dutch elm disease, first recorded in the US in 1930. Lone, isolated American elms still exist, but only one alley of American elms remains, found in Central Park, New York City. These beautiful, curvy survivors line Literary Walk, alternatingContinue reading “Trees Please 1: Ode to Elms”

Picture Frames and Ephemera: A Valentine from Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt

Raking Goodwill for books and other stuff I don’t need, I harvested a vintage frame for another painting, and in that frame, this lovely floral print, ©1926 Manz-Chicago in the lower left. The color print company Manz Corporation opened in 1866, originally as J. Manz Engraving Company. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia.) Another beautiful bit ofContinue reading “Picture Frames and Ephemera: A Valentine from Hankry and Hankrietta Grunt”

Philly Ephemera:Treasures Revealed in Vintage Books

I fell in love with vintage books a few years ago. I cannot rightly say why, but then, is love ever explained by reason? They can be had on the cheap and the forgotten bookmarks within reveal bits of the past. Sometimes it feels sacrilegious removing the bookmarks, as if the reader will return toContinue reading “Philly Ephemera:Treasures Revealed in Vintage Books”