5 Weird Places to Write

Pull up a chair and enjoy few weird places to write! Sure, I have a studio in my home and libraries around corner, but sometimes one needs a place private yet public, quiet yet alive, under the radar yet odd–all without home distractions. A few of my favorite spots… If I were cool, I wouldContinue reading “5 Weird Places to Write”

Syncopated Logic: Life in the Twenties

featuring Hankry Grunt & wife Hello, and welcome back to Wander in a Box. Today I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Hankry Grunt and his wife Hankrietta, stuck in the Twenties yet living in the Twenties nonetheless. Mr. Grunt’s behavior may offend, but have patience and grace, as he is no more or lessContinue reading “Syncopated Logic: Life in the Twenties”

Nut November

Why Nut November? Because November has several nutty names, including: But let’s remain positive and celebrate Nut November with the introduction of a few nutty characters…and warning: depiction of private parts and a bit of crude humor! Thank you for joining us for another rousing Wander in a Box. I did say in the previousContinue reading “Nut November”

Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl

You gotta figure for as long as Dracula has been around, he must have met his match once in a while. Fearless priest with a stake and a cross? Angry villagers armed with pitchforks? Wily, wizened doctor with every known antidote to Dracula? Perhaps, but sometimes a smaller, unexpected challenger shows up… My creative sisterContinue reading “Dracula vs a Twelve-Year Old Girl”

Wander in a Box Welcome

Welcome to the relaunch of Wander in a Box! …life, literature, laughs connected. The original Wander in a Box sprouted random blogs with pretty photos, but the more I explore writing and literature, the more fascinating I find the parallels and connections between books and life.  I hope you get a chuckle, a thought, and aContinue reading “Wander in a Box Welcome”